BioEngineering Graduate Association

The BioEngineering Graduate Association represents the interests of the students to the Program Chair. They also provide networking and social infrastructure for the graduate students. 

The role of the BioEngineering Graduate Association is to provide input to the Program Chair relating to the broad issues that affect graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Bioengineering Graduate Program as well as to matters that have the potential to enhance the interface between Program graduate students, Program faculty and administration.

We also contribute to the Bioengineering Handbook. The committee operates under the BioEngineering Graduate Association By-Laws.

Our activities include:

  • Liaison between Program graduate students, Program faculty, and Program Chair.
  • Advise Chair on issues that directly affect the students.
  • Assist in planning and implementing graduate recruiting activities.
  • Assist in planning and implementing professional development activities.
  • Organizing social and community building activities.


BioEngineering Graduate Association