BioE Student Testimonials

“The BioE program gives you the freedom to pursue a truly multidisciplinary degree connecting the sciences and their engineering applications with a wide range of course options and research opportunities across Georgia Tech. Its flexibility allows you to pursue your interests and develop the skills necessary for a successful career.”

Marcus Walker, Third Year
BioEngineering PhD student through Electrical & Computer Engineering



“Considering that biomedical research is multidisciplinary in nature, the BioE program offers a point of convergence for those engineering students interested biosciences. I find myself being trained in areas that most of the students in my discipline are not normally exposed to. As a result, you become a professional with a singular set of skills that enables you to approach problems in a very unique way.”

Angel J. Santiago-Lopez, First year
BioEngineering PhD student through the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

“One of the great benefits of the BioE program to me was the interdisciplinary and collaborative environment made possible by the numerous faculty members representing vastly different areas of research. Focusing both on traditional engineering principles and an in-depth view of biological systems, the program gives you the necessary tools to excel at your research project.”

Jose Garcia, Third Year
BioEngineering PhD student through School of Mechanical Engineering

"Georgia Tech’s Bioengineering graduate program definitely gives you all the best parts of engineering and biosciences in the classroom, in research, and the graduate community. We bear on biological problems and to advance the field of biotechnology. Plus, we find time to relax together with activities like board game night, hiking, and Friday socials.”

Kirsten Parratt, Second Year
BioEngineering PhD Student through School of Materials Science and Engineering

"I have always been interested in interdisciplinary research with an immediate impact on the well being of others. The BioE program provides me with an ideal platform to pursue my interest in problem solving while not limiting myself to a particular discipline."

Timothy Kassis
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"You have more choice in classes and could take more real engineering courses."

Adrian Lam
Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

"Flexible classes, more interesting classes. Ability to work with professor outside of BME."

Apoorva Kalasuramath
George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering


"I really liked the fact that we are able to choose an advisor from multiple departments. I also liked the fact that the coursework was not restricted to specific classes, but could be tailored to our research areas."

Rachel Simmons
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


"I chose the BioE program for the excellent reputation and the cordiality of the program's faculty. Also when visiting Tech, it felt like the graduate students enjoyed their lives as compared to other institutions."

Nathan Rohner

"The interdisciplinary aspect of the BioE program allows me to tailor my research interests with my coursework, which is great because I can really apply what I am learning in class to what I am doing in lab!"

Jen Lei

"The program is the most flexible program that allows for students from different backgrounds to pursue research interests in bioengineering with an incredible faculty base."

Yoshi Sei