Training Grants

A training grant provides scholarships, fellowships or stipends to students for research. Training grants provide graduate students with a comprehensive education and research experience that is like no other. Graduate students who are on training grants often get to experience deeper relationships with industry through internships, deeper understanding of a specific field all while building their life experiences as well as their CV!

garcia BioE students can apply to 4 different training grants:

NIH Biomaterials or BIOMat 

NIH Cell and Tissue Engineering

GAANN Fellowship in Drug Design, Delivery and Development

IGERT Stem Cell Biomanufacturing

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The BioE PhD program is a unique and interdisciplinary program ranked 2nd in the nation by US News and World Report. Students apply through one of the 8 participating Georgia Tech home schools or departments and students are free to work with any of the 90+ participating program faculty members.  The BioE graduate program is the most innovative program available at Georgia Tech, giving the students the flexibility and creativity to create their own future.