BGA Presidential Town Hall

BGA Presidency Town Hall

July 27th, 11am-12pm

Suddath Seminar Room (Petit Institute 1128)

Hey BioEs, Aaron Enten and Troy Batugal are interested in becoming the next BGA president! Come to the Suddath Room to hear from and ask questions to both candidates. After Q&A, we'll hold a private ballot vote for the new president!

BioE vs ChemE Kickball

The annual kickball game between the BioE and ChemE graduate students will be going down on May 18th! We'll head over to the CRC fields at 5pm for a 5:15 start time. After the game, we'll head over to Rocky Mountain Pizza for dinner with the ChemE students.

Lunch with a Professor: Dr A. Fatih Sarioglu

Petit Institute 1107, Front Office Conference Room 

Accepting the first 8 requests

Hey BioEs,

BioE is starting a series of student-professor lunch sessions. The goal is for grad students to learn more about the professors in the program; their research, career paths, and general research philosophies.

Ruxiu Liu


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